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Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
495407will i win a lottery jackpot prize before 2018 end?Positively
495406will i win a lottery jackpot prize before 2018 end?Concentrate and ask again
495405predict my futureMost likely
495404Is John corraspe thinking of me right now in trinidad Most likely
495403will i receive today fromcard.commy$503.00provisionalcrditonmyalbinotigercard Ask again later
495402Does Cory want meMost likely
495401Does Cory want meCannot predict now
495400Does Cory want me to leave him aloneMost likely
495399Does Cory want me to stop writing himIt is certain
495398Will we make her stronger Absolutely
495397Will she see that she can beat himConcentrate and ask again
495396Will I get engaged to the person I’m currently in a relationship with?Ask again later
495395Will she stick to the planYes - definitely
495394Will we make her see that she will be ok to do itIt is certain
495393Will I fall pregnant in 2019?It is certain
495392Will she think that she will lose itAs I see it, yes
495391Will she be happier go with my plan for herMy sources say no
495390Will she feel better with helpAsk again later
495389Will she go with the plan I have for her to be happySigns point to yes
495388Will she go with the plan I have for her to beCannot predict now
495387Will she let me help her brake it for goodIt is certain
495386Do people think my son look just like mePositively
495385Do people think my son look just like meWithout a doubt
495384Will I get her to see it will be better Ask again later
495383Do people think my son look just like meIt is decidedly so
495382Do people think my son look just like meNo Doubt about it
495381Do people think my son look just like meProspect good
495380Will I get her to do itVery doubtful
495379Do people think my son look just like meOutlook good
495378Will Melvin call meYes - definitely
495377Do she want to let go of him for a better life Positively
495376Will Melvin call mePositively
495375Will Melvin call meMost likely
495374Do she want to let go and cut him out for a better lifeFocus and ask again
495373Will Melvin call meOutlook good
495372Will Melvin text meMy sources say no
495371Will Melvin text meMost likely
495370Will she let go of him with my helpDon't count on it
495369Will Melvin call meDon't count on it
495368Will she do what I say to brake the habit so he don’t winDon't count on it
495367Will Melvin call meDon't count on it
495366Will Melvin text meOutlook not so good
495365Will she let us help her brake the habitYes - definitely
495364Do she want my help to do thatMost likely
495363Is that what is making her sadYes
495362Do she want to cut there dad out of there lifeAbsolutely
495361Will Melvin text meFocus and ask again
495360Will Melvin text meDon't count on it
495359Will Melvin text meYes
495358Will Melvin text meReply hazy, try again

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