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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
285542Am I on John corraspe mind Yes - definitely
285541Is John corraspe thinking of meYes - definitely
285540Is John corraspe at Tottenham haleAs I see it, yes
285539Is John corraspe picking up patients My sources say no
285538Is John corraspe dropping off patients My reply is no
285537Is John corraspe picking up patients No Doubt about it
285536should i wait until god helps me see this one that i want to meet?Concentrate and ask again
285535Am I on John corraspe mind Unlikely
285534Is John corraspe thinking of meYes - definitely
285533Is John corraspe picking up patients Positively
285532Is John corraspe at Tottenham haleCannot predict now
285531Annie's MCAT can score 512 or better?It is decidedly so
285530annie MCAT 516 or better?My reply is no
285529Am I on John corraspe mind Yes
285528Is John corraspe thinking of meWithout a doubt
285527Is John corraspe thinking of meBetter not tell you now
285526Is John corraspe thinking of meReply hazy, try again
285525Is John corraspe thinking of meConcentrate and ask again
285524Is John corraspe picking up patients Outlook good
285523Is John corraspe dropping off patients Don't bet on it
285522Is John corraspe at Tottenham haleMy reply is no
285521what is my futureMost likely
285520what do you see in my future ?Focus and ask again
285519Is John corraspe really in love with me No Doubt about it
285518Am I on John corraspe mind Without a doubt
285517Is John corraspe thinking of meYes - definitely
285516Is John corraspe driving at the moment You may rely on it
285515Is John corraspe picking up patients Outlook not so good
285514Is John corraspe at homeOutlook not so good
285513ako ba talaga ang unang sumuko sa laht ng karelasyon koNo Doubt about it
285512minahal ba talaga ako ni allanYes
285511may pagaasa paba kaming magkabalikan ni norvynOutlook good
285510naka move on naba sa akin si norvynOutlook not so good
285509naka move on naba ako kay norvynMy sources say no
285508naka move on naba kao kay norvynConcentrate and ask again
285507si andrei ba ang susunod kong karelasyonReply hazy, try again
285506sa susunod ko bang k relasyon magtatgal ba kamiNo Doubt about it
285505nakamove on naba ko kay allanVery doubtful
285504mahal paba ako ni norvynNo Doubt about it
285503Was David watching me last night?My sources say no
285502Was David watching me last night?Concentrate and ask again
285501Was David watching me last night?Don't bet on it
285500Is my neighbor David in love with me?Absolutely
285499Is my neighbor David in love with me?Reply hazy, try again
285498Is John corraspe in the shower Positively
285497Is John corraspe sleeping Positively
285496Are Kfw and I having another temporary break upOutlook good
285495Does Kfw think that we are still on friendly termsNo Doubt about it
285494Does Kfw think that she will come back to meMy sources say no
285493Does Kfw think that she is in love with mePositively

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