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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
535442is hojun a 젓가락?Don't count on it
535441is hojoon a 젓가락?No Doubt about it
535440Will Rick call me tonight It is decidedly so
535439Will I get a call from the department of corrections very soon about a job No Doubt about it
535438Will I get a call from the department of corrections very soon about a job Unlikely
535437should i buy tickets to florida now?Concentrate and ask again
535436should I go to florida?Absolutely
535435Are you just saying this things to annoy me? Outlook not so good
535434Will he want me back? Outlook good
535433Will he want anything else? It is certain
535432Will he want back in my life? As I see it, yes
535431Is the fortune teller right when she said he will want to get back in my life? Positively
535430Does he miss me? My sources say no
535429Did he remember how it was when we were together? Yes - definitely
535428Was he jealous of me? Cannot predict now
535427Did he feel anything? You may rely on it
535426Was he surprised to see me? No Doubt about it
535425Was he surprised to se me? Focus and ask again
535424Did he see me? Unlikely
535423Should I have a baby Prospect good
535422Do I have red hairNo Doubt about it
535421Will I close 5 systems this month?Without a doubt
535420Will I close 6 systems this month?Outlook not so good
535419Will I be with ElijahDon't bet on it
535418Will I end up with Elijah BautistaReply hazy, try again
535417Is Glenn Sharber coming ho.e to Demetrice Positively
535416Will I get full student financing and additional living allowance?It is certain
535415Does Steve ever think about marrying meDon't bet on it
535414Does Steve ever think of our future together Outlook good
535413Is Steve emotionally unavailableMy sources say no
535412Is Steve in love with his ex Don't count on it
535411Should I break up with SteveVery doubtful
535410 Does Steve want to marry me Very doubtful
535409will tyler ask me outPositively
535407Am i pregnantAbsolutely
535406Will I ever hear from AlanAbsolutely
535405Is Nimas girlfriend pregnantSigns point to yes
535404Am i having a baby in augustMy sources say no
535403Is Marjan Nimas favoriteMy reply is no
535402Does Marjan love NimaDon't bet on it
535401Is Marjan in love with NimaFocus and ask again
535400Is Marjan thinking of NimaIt is decidedly so
535399Is Nima thinking of MarjanMy sources say no
535398Does Nima love MarjanDon't count on it
535397Am i pregnantUnlikely
535396will evan get anything for christmasPositively
535395Will she be home soon Focus and ask again
535394Will she bring the puppies home Unlikely
535393Will he give in inthe endWithout a doubt

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