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Number Question Answer
10125Is Quan mad at me Absolutely
10124Do Quan miss me Don't bet on it
10123Will Quan call me Without a doubt
10122Will Quan call me Reply hazy, try again
10121Will jevon be my boyfriend Yes
10120Will Matthew barrows be my boyfriend Absolutely
10119Will Troy be my boyfriend Outlook not so good
10118will kat be my girlfriendSigns point to yes
10117Will I outlive all my sisters?Most likely
10116will lp kiss me this weekIt is decidedly so
10115will lp kiss me this weekBetter not tell you now
10114will lp kiss me this weekConcentrate and ask again
10113Will we be OK financially? Cannot predict now
10112will lp kiss me this weekYou may rely on it
10111will lp kiss me this weekAsk again later
10110Will I pass my English class? Signs point to yes
10109Will I pass my English class? Reply hazy, try again
10108will lp kiss me this weekIt is decidedly so
10107will lp meet me this weekYes - definitely
10106Wil lp kiss me this weekIt is decidedly so
10105Wil lp kiss me this weekProspect good
10104Wil lp kiss me this weekDon't count on it
10103will lp meet me this weekFocus and ask again
10102does lp give a shit about meUnlikely
10101does lp give a shit about meYes
10100does lp give a shit about meConcentrate and ask again
10099Will I get the job at Marchwood? Outlook good
10098Will we be OK financially? No Doubt about it
10097Will my mother apologise?Don't count on it
10096Will we have good news this week?Don't bet on it
10095Will I pass my English class? Without a doubt
10094Does samuel want to marry mePositively
10093will i get married soon Reply hazy, try again
10092Will Samuel marry me soon Yes - definitely
10091Will Samuel marry me soon Better not tell you now
10090nece aupmVery doubtful
10089Is he the oneMy reply is no
10088Is June a good month for meYes - definitely
10087Should I move to new yorkOutlook good
10086Do I give him another chanceMost likely
10085will Reggie Lewis try to get with demetrice?Signs point to yes
10084will Reggie Lewis try to get with demetrice?Focus and ask again
10083will Reggie Lewis try to get back with demetrice Moore Reply hazy, try again
10082dies demetrice want to move on from reggieWithout a doubt
10081is Reggie Lewis going to let demetrice forget all about himWithout a doubt
10080did reggie call demetrice from a unknown number todayMost likely
10079will Reggie Lewis step a foot in demetrice house As I see it, yes
10078will god bring Reggie lewis and demetrice Moore back together Positively
10077does demetrice love Reggie?You may rely on it
10076will Reggie Lewis eventually talk to demetrice Moore You may rely on it

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