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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
645497Is it Helen that has looked at the new photo's in Freddie's profile today?Signs point to yes
645496will the problems be easy to handle?Outlook not so good
645495are there any big problems ahead of me?Outlook good
645494will i be comfortable for the rest of my life?Better not tell you now
645493will i be ok?Absolutely
645492will i have trouble at work this week?My reply is no
645491does this work?Yes
645490will my employment at shaws continue?Yes - definitely
645489will i be working at shaws a year from now?Outlook not so good
645488will i get fired from shaws?It is certain
645487will my work situation be ok?Unlikely
645486will my teeth be okCannot predict now
645485has buddy passed awayFocus and ask again
645484is buddy the dog still aliveBetter not tell you now
645483is frosty okMy sources say no
645482has buddy died?Absolutely
645481is buddy dead?You may rely on it
645480is the dog next door alive?Very doubtful
645479is Buddy still alive?My sources say no
645478are werner and deb okSigns point to yes
645477will i ever have sex again?Outlook good
645476will i be comfortable?Yes
645475Will I live to be 90 years old?My sources say no
645474will i die peacefullyNo Doubt about it
645473will i live another 25 yearsNo Doubt about it
645472will life be easy for me?It is certain
645471will life be difficult for me?Absolutely
645470will my life be comfortable?Very doubtful
645469will i ever have sex againVery doubtful
645468will i get another kittyAbsolutely
645467will i be comfortable?Better not tell you now
645466am i wearing white cloths or gray cloths?My sources say no
645465am i wearing white cloths or gray cloths?Yes - definitely
645464am i wearing white cloths or gray cloths?Without a doubt
645463am i wearing white cloths or gray cloths?Positively
645458will USA win Serbia in a soccer match today?Positively
645457will USA win Serbia in a soccer match today?Focus and ask again
645456ElenNo Doubt about it
645455ElenDon't bet on it
645453ElenBetter not tell you now
645452ElenConcentrate and ask again
645451will my polar bare plunge picture appear online?Most likely
645450WILL I DIE THIS YEAR OR IN THE YEAR 2023?Concentrate and ask again
645449WILL I DIE THIS YEAR OR IN THE YEAR 2023?Concentrate and ask again
645448Will the return be worth itProspect good
645447Will I hear something this weekOutlook good
645446Meet Irina again?Positively
645445Will the railroad workers strike?Reply hazy, try again
645444? Am I going to see my Calico Kermmer Balconi styled body friendship this year 2022 very soon.Concentrate and ask again

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