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Number Question Answer
29511Will I ever see an MCR concert Very doubtful
29510Will I ever live with Dan and Phil Cannot predict now
29509Will I ever meet Dan and/or PhilYou may rely on it
29508will i marry my lover?Absolutely
29507Will I ever madeAsk again later
29506Will I ever madeAs I see it, yes
29505how will i marry my lover?As I see it, yes
29504Will MCR ever get back together Yes - definitely
29503what will happen in my futureDon't bet on it
29502how will i marry my lover?Don't count on it
29501how can i marry my lover?Unlikely
29500will i marry the guy,am in love for 7 years ??You may rely on it
29499Will Carl call me Most likely
29498Will Quan call me Prospect good
29497Have I met the man who will ask me to marry him Don't count on it
29496Will I marry my ex boyfriend Positively
29495Will I marry my ex boyfriend Cannot predict now
29494Will I marry my ex boyfriend Reply hazy, try again
29493Will I get married one day No Doubt about it
29492Does he like me?As I see it, yes
29491Is my husband in love with me?Don't bet on it
29490My husband still loves me?Most likely
29489My husband do still love me?Outlook not so good
29488will Shinade cheat on me againDon't count on it
29487will Shinade cheat on me againAs I see it, yes
29486will Shinade cheat on me againMost likely
29485will Shinade cheat on me againConcentrate and ask again
29484will Shinade cheat on me againIt is certain
29483will Shinade cheat on me againYes - definitely
29482Will Shinade cheat on me againConcentrate and ask again
29481How many times has Shinade cheated on meProspect good
29479Is Kyle coming home todaySigns point to yes
29478Does she want me?Yes - definitely
29477Is she happy with her gf now?Positively
29476Is Jasmine into me?Better not tell you now
29475Are you an evil spirit speaking too me?You may rely on it
29474Will i get hurt again?It is certain
29473Will i get hurt again?Focus and ask again
29472Will i get her back if she does leave?Don't count on it
29471Will it be years from now?Most likely
29470Is my girlfriend gonna end up leaving me like the rest did?Yes
29469Will Chris be able get a good job right at obtaining PhD?Absolutely
29468Will I get married one day Don't bet on it
29467Will i be nervous?As I see it, yes
29466is chris advisor very helpful to him?No Doubt about it
29465Will I get married one day Ask again later
29464Will my girlfriends mom like me when i meet her?Signs point to yes
29463Will I find a man who is single Better not tell you now
29462Will we date long term?No Doubt about it

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