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Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Number Question Answer
1344011Is in love with starAsk again later
1344010Is he in love with meYes - definitely
1344009Is coke just passing time with meDon't count on it
1344008will I fuck ajUnlikely
1344007Is Aj back Very doubtful
1344006Will I ever be lovedDon't count on it
1344005Does the guy I like, like me?It is decidedly so
1344004Does the guy I like, like meMy reply is no
1344003Are you just saying that?As I see it, yes
1344002Do you know who I likeWithout a doubt
1344001Do you know who I like?Reply hazy, try again
1344000Well, in your opinion, do you think I love him?It is decidedly so
1343999Will we go out?Prospect good
1343998My name is kenyaVery doubtful
1343997How old am iIt is decidedly so
1343996Well, in your opinion, do you think I love him?Outlook not so good
1343995Do you know who I like?Outlook not so good
1343994Do you know who I likeFocus and ask again
1343993Are you just saying that?Unlikely
1343992Does the guy I like, like meWithout a doubt
1343991Does the guy I like, like me?Ask again later
1343990Will I ever be lovedOutlook not so good
1343989Will I ever be lovedYes
1343988will money be mine next monthVery doubtful
1343987will I be lucky this weekMost likely
1343986is someone lying to mrMost likely
1343985will I come into a big fortuneNo Doubt about it
1343984will I have good luckMy sources say no
1343983Will Ted back to meAs I see it, yes
1343982will my crush loveMy sources say no
1343981Will I get RI jobDon't count on it
1343980Will Steve back to meAbsolutely
1343979Will Ted back to mePositively
1343978do you know who I loveAs I see it, yes
1343977Will i move hosue?Concentrate and ask again
1343976katelynn vroman demands john michael emerson make magnificent love with her in 2 more daysIt is certain
1343975lexis williams lenker extreme extreme extreme desparate to make magnificent love with john michael emersonAbsolutely
1343974can I really rely on you?Positively
1343973do I or will I ever have HIV?As I see it, yes
1343972will nick Tzoutis and I get back together soon?Positively
1343971Will I fuck Aj Prospect good
1343970Will I fuck Aj Cannot predict now
1343969Will I fuck Aj Cannot predict now
1343968Will I win megamillionsMost likely
1343967john emerson family, friends, others, and attorneys that betrayed john michael emerson are going to prison for over 9,920 years each for treason, corruptions, physical abuse, and fraud by defamationAs I see it, yes
1343966john emerson family friends and attorneys that betrayed john michael emerson are going to prison for over 9,920 years each for treason, physical abuse, and fraud by defamationAs I see it, yes
1343965what is my name?Don't bet on it
1343964Will I win the powerballYou may rely on it
1343963Does my crush have a prom date?My sources say no
1343962Does my crush love me back? My reply is no

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