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Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Number Question Answer
1197467bobby?Don't count on it
1197466Am I going to be with flash next semesterYou may rely on it
1197465Is flash going to text me at all over break?Most likely
1197464Does Sharanya anil menon love Dominic george sebastian ?Prospect good
1197463Is Sharanya anil menon with her mom ?Most likely
1197462Will I work at Chalice for 10 years?Absolutely
1197461will I stay at Chalice for 10 years?Better not tell you now
1197460will I be a colonel?Ask again later
1197459will i be a general?My sources say no
1197458will trudeau be the next prime minister of canadaCannot predict now
1197457will I command a brigade?No Doubt about it
1197456will I be a full colonel when I retire?Don't count on it
1197455will I retire as a full colonel?Concentrate and ask again
1197454will I receive a mastered, outstanding, immediate PER this year?Signs point to yes
1197453will I receive an MOI PER this year?Better not tell you now
1197452will I go back out for cock tonight?You may rely on it
1197451does Alex love me and will be with me real soonWithout a doubt
1197450does Alex love me and will be with me real soonBetter not tell you now
1197449does Alex love me and will be with me real soonYes
1197448does Alex love me and will be with me real soonIt is decidedly so
1197447does Alex love me and will be with me real soonMy reply is no
1197446does Alex love me and will be with me real soonDon't count on it
1197445do you see Vernard Nelson and Yuvette Ivey will be back togetherYes
1197444Am I going to have a girlfriendNo Doubt about it
1197443Am I going to have a girlfriendOutlook not so good
1197442Will we get back together It is decidedly so
1197441Do I like A.?You may rely on it
1197440does Alex love me and will be with me real soonMy reply is no
1197439Will we get back together It is certain
1197438does Alex love me and will be with me real soonNo Doubt about it
1197437does Alex love me and will be with me real soonMy sources say no
1197436Does he still love me a It is certain
1197435do I still love 416No Doubt about it
1197434does Alex love me and will be with me real soonReply hazy, try again
1197433Will I make an a in math It is certain
1197432does Alex love me and will be with me real soonDon't bet on it
1197431Will I ever get married Without a doubt
1197430Will I make an a in math Signs point to yes
1197429Does Abraham like Annie more Don't bet on it
1197428Does he hate her Cannot predict now
1197427Does he still love her My sources say no
1197426Does Abraham like me Yes - definitely
1197425will mikey be the father of mg childrenDon't count on it
1197424is victor in love with me Signs point to yes
1197423will mikey be the father of mg childrenIt is certain
1197422will i make the cheer team next yearVery doubtful
1197421am I pregnant with twins?It is certain
1197420will mikey be my bf on friday Prospect good
1197419does eddie still like me Absolutely
1197418does mikey love me Unlikely

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