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Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Number Question Answer
1384881My girlfriend has someone elseOutlook not so good
1384880Does my girlfriend Ashley wright used Gustavo LuceroCannot predict now
1384879My girl friend cheated on me Gus\'s Lucero Reply hazy, try again
1384878does Kenyatta and Marcus have a future together?Prospect good
1384877Do I have hiv?Outlook not so good
1384876Do I have hiv?Focus and ask again
1384875does Kenyatta and Otis have a future together?Positively
1384874Will I be alive in 5 years?Signs point to yes
1384873Will me and Brenda have sex Ask again later
1384872Will me and Brenda have sex Yes - definitely
1384871Will I be able to make Brenda my girlfriend?As I see it, yes
1384870will i pass my exam for this semesterDon't count on it
1384869will i pass my exam for this semesterSigns point to yes
1384868will i pass my exam on Wednesday to fridayAs I see it, yes
1384867do i have a future husbandMy sources say no
1384866will i get marriedAsk again later
1384865do i have a life partnerIt is decidedly so
1384864Will the world end in September 2015It is decidedly so
1384863Will the world end in 2015You may rely on it
1384862will Simon be my first kiss?Absolutely
1384861will me and Simon go out again?Most likely
1384860Will me and simon get married to eachother?My sources say no
1384859Will me and Simon meet again?Absolutely
1384858will kaleb speak to channel anymoreIt is decidedly so
1384857will i get a job for australia post?Signs point to yes
1384856is he flirting someonelseNo Doubt about it
1384855where can i find his other cellphoneUnlikely
1384854where can i findYes
1384853am I a woman My sources say no
1384852where can i find his other cellphoneYes - definitely
1384851is he flirting someonelseOutlook good
1384850do people like my hair Don't count on it
1384849whyNo Doubt about it
1384848is my son 5 years old No Doubt about it
1384847how can i find my husband secretBetter not tell you now
1384846will my hair grow longer Very doubtful
1384845Is my son sleep My sources say no
1384844Is people jealous of me Very doubtful
1384843will she become his girlfriendMy reply is no
1384842is she his girlfriend Don't count on it
1384841is she his girlfriend It is decidedly so
1384840is he starting to think about meYes
1384839Will I date a white man Outlook good
1384838is women jealous of me It is certain
1384837Am I gayYes
1384836Am I gayCannot predict now
1384835Am I gayReply hazy, try again
1384834Will I get Shelby\'s phone number?Positively
1384833Will I get Shelby\'s phone number?Don't bet on it
1384832Will I get Shelby\'s phone number?Don't count on it

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