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Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Number Question Answer
112032'll moses madosela merry tshepiso remetsi or violet NkwinikaDon't count on it
112031How many kids 'll I have?Don't count on it
112030How is my true love?Unlikely
112029'll I be married?Don't bet on it
112028Iam always a love failureOutlook good
112027possibility of love becoming marriage for meMost likely
112026Will my hair growAbsolutely
112025Will my hair grow Concentrate and ask again
112024Will my hair growAsk again later
112023Will my hair grow longer Yes
112022does my marriage is love marriage Signs point to yes
112021is this realSigns point to yes
112020Will my hair grow Without a doubt
112019Will my hair grow longer Ask again later
112018who r uVery doubtful
112017will Quan ask me to marry himBetter not tell you now
112016y does men don't like fat girl Positively
112015Will Quan ask me to marry himYou may rely on it
112014Will I be happy with the apartment?It is decidedly so
112013Will I interview with Cisco?Don't bet on it
112012does venu loves meOutlook not so good
112011Will I work as the Bilingual service rep?It is decidedly so
112010I love venu I think will he will love meVery doubtful
112009does tom love aliceMy reply is no
112008does tom think i am differtent from othersVery doubtful
112007does tom know im specialUnlikely
112006did fuller know i was pissed at himOutlook not so good
112005Will Abraham text me back before 2017Ask again later
112004Will Abraham kik me againUnlikely
112003Will Abraham ever text me again Don't bet on it
112002If I text Abraham and tell him I still have feelings for him will he want to get back together It is certain
112001If I text Abraham and tell him I still have feelings for him will he ask to get back together againUnlikely
112000Does Abraham miss me Prospect good
111999Will me and Abraham ever be together again Reply hazy, try again
111998Does Abraham miss me Outlook not so good
111997Does Abraham think about me As I see it, yes
111996Will Pete love me againAs I see it, yes
111995Will Peter regret leaving PamIt is decidedly so
111994do you think melody loves me?As I see it, yes
111993Will Pete apologise to PamDon't bet on it
111992Will Pete always love cheriseSigns point to yes
111991Will pete love Pam againMy reply is no
111990Will Kate always love petePositively
111989Will Kate always love peteConcentrate and ask again
111988Will Peter always love KateDon't bet on it
111987will i get married to Jorge Barrasa Fano?Signs point to yes
111986Does he want to be with meCannot predict now
111985Does want to be with me Reply hazy, try again
111984Will lot sell by 2019Very doubtful
111983Will Quan call me backOutlook good

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