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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
349683Does Stephen want to marry meVery doubtful
349682The lady she will send olga paypalCannot predict now
349681Was he honest with me?Unlikely
349680Was he honest with me?Don't bet on it
349679Was he honest?Reply hazy, try again
349678Was he honest?Concentrate and ask again
349677Did I do the right thing?Outlook not so good
349676Are Vanessa's texts to her friend intimate, does she still have feelings for him?It is decidedly so
349675Are Vanessa's texts to her friend intimate or does she still have feelings for him?Focus and ask again
349674Will my dad move to Palm Beach?Yes - definitely
349673Will my dad move to Florida?Most likely
349672Will my dad move to Florida?Cannot predict now
349671Will my dad move to Florida?Focus and ask again
349670Is he interested in me?Very doubtful
349669Is he dual nationality?It is certain
349668Will Fabio invite me out?Yes
349667Is John corraspe fixing his internet As I see it, yes
349666Is John corraspe listening to music Very doubtful
349665Is John corraspe having a showerVery doubtful
349664Do u see yunvette is poohbear womanMost likely
349663Do you see pooh bear and yunvette are together now in relationshipDon't count on it
349662Do you see pooh bear have been thinking about yunvette Concentrate and ask again
349661Do you see signal funding will approve yunvette Absolutely
349660Do you see yunvette will get approved for loan from signal fundingDon't bet on it
349659Is John corraspe having his dinnerWithout a doubt
349658will my money get better soonYes - definitely
349657Does he want to be in a relationship with me?Outlook not so good
349656Will we be together by the end of the year?Reply hazy, try again
349655Will we be together in 2018?Unlikely
349654Will we be together?It is certain
349653Did I ruin our relationship?My sources say no
349652Will Quan call meOutlook not so good
349651Will we still be very good friends?It is certain
349650Will my hair grow longerUnlikely
349649Will we still be friends?It is certain
349648Did I screw everything up?Don't bet on it
349647Do we have a chance to repair the relationship?My sources say no
349646Do we have a chance to repair the friendship?Don't count on it
349645Do we have a chance to repair the friendship?Reply hazy, try again
349644Do we have a chance to repair the relationship?Reply hazy, try again
349643Did I do the right thing?My sources say no
349642Am I 32 years oldDon't bet on it
349641Is John corraspe thinking of mePositively
349640Will my hair grow Unlikely
349639Is John corraspe at homeNo Doubt about it
349638Will my hair grow longerYou may rely on it
349637Is John corraspe at homeAsk again later
349636Is John corraspe at homeAsk again later
349635Is John corraspe at Tottenham haleVery doubtful
349634Is John corraspe dropping off patients Unlikely

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