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Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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What do you think about this fortune teller ?

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Number Question Answer
992316helping to become viceprincipal in my schoolAbsolutely
992315something happen in sept with me?Most likely
992314something happen in sept with me?Don't count on it
992313I will go in dec Unlikely
992312I have to go to get passpot in decNo Doubt about it
992311my mom will get visaSigns point to yes
992310my mom will come next yearBetter not tell you now
992309my mo will come at the beging of the hyearDon't bet on it
992308My saraplata 50 rti or more next yearYes - definitely
992307my saeaplata 40 tis or more next yearWithout a doubt
992306Will tomer talk to me again soon?You may rely on it
992305Does tomer look at my facebook pageSigns point to yes
992304Nick sarpata 110-120 tios next yearYou may rely on it
992303Nick saprata 130 tis or more nezt yearUnlikely
992302Nick sarplata 120 tis or more next yearConcentrate and ask again
992301oue sarplata next ear 170 tis or more next yearMy reply is no
992300Nick sapralta 150 tis or more next yearAsk again later
992299Nick saprplat 110 tis or more next yearMost likely
992298Nick saprpla this year 110 tis or moreAsk again later
992297Nick become dean this yeraMy sources say no
992296Ni will be dekan in one tow yearsYou may rely on it
992295neoghrboth chernieAsk again later
992294neight ili ktoto chenriiVery doubtful
992293will i win the megamillions jackpot on tuesday july 29,2014Better not tell you now
992292odin is neightb russ, belorm evrey, is russii ili ryadonUnlikely
992291will i win the megamillions jackpot on tuesday july 29,2014Reply hazy, try again
992290both neoght belie amrikansiAsk again later
992289neoght b younfger than 45As I see it, yes
992288neighb youner than 35Outlook not so good
992287Am I going to have a girlfriendFocus and ask again
992286cam will be in robIt is decidedly so
992285Li will be in robinAbsolutely
992284neoght work at univer Focus and ask again
992283any goodluck todayDon't bet on it
992282neoght kids less than 3 tears oldWithout a doubt
992281Will Jacob play basketball in collegeNo Doubt about it
992280neioght kids belie boys less than 5 year oldYou may rely on it
992279Does Kt hate atYou may rely on it
992278Will Jacob get any D2 basketball offersProspect good
992277Does my hub hate iIt is certain
992276neoght belieYes
992275Will the relationship between James and I work out?It is decidedly so
992274Is my hub being sarcasticOutlook good
992273Will Jacob play basketball in collegeMy reply is no
992272neogh kans Most likely
992271meet neight by the end of next weekIt is decidedly so
992270meet neighb in less than two eeeksYes
992269new neighbors by end of augIt is certain
992268Will Sam and I be in a relationshipOutlook good
992267am I inloveOutlook good

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