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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
320915Will Jose text me soonDon't count on it
320914Is John corraspe at homeYes
320913Is John corraspe thinking of meSigns point to yes
320912Will I get my court date soon Very doubtful
320911I pray I get Shaun passport soonAs I see it, yes
320910Is something wrong with my stomachMy sources say no
320909Will he contact me when he feels ready?Absolutely
320908Where is the man i fall in love withNo Doubt about it
320907Will i win a lot of money soonOutlook good
320906Am I going to go out of town with Kfw in NovemberAbsolutely
320905Does Kfw want to ask me to come back to herWithout a doubt
320904Does Kfw think I am to old for herSigns point to yes
320903Does Kfw still want to be with meOutlook not so good
320902Does he like my photo and personality?Outlook good
320901Has Kfw fallen out of love with meAsk again later
320900Have I fallen out of love with KfwOutlook not so good
320899Is Kfw going to start persuing me againPositively
320898Does Kfw want to be with meDon't bet on it
320897Am I talking to kfwIt is decidedly so
320896Has Kfw already made up with meUnlikely
320895Are you sure Kfw wants to make up with meFocus and ask again
320894Are you sure Kfw isn't going anywhereSigns point to yes
320893Does Kfw think that I am becoming a problem to herYou may rely on it
320892Does Kfw still think that she loves meConcentrate and ask again
320891Does Kfw want me to love herConcentrate and ask again
320890Does Kfw want me to get over herIt is certain
320889Is Kfw going to stay with meOutlook good
320888Is Kfw the wrong person for meCannot predict now
320887Has Kfw already made up her mind to keep her new friendYes
320886Is Kfw going to let me goAbsolutely
320885Is it to late for me to be with KfwOutlook good
320884Have I lost Kfw to someone elseYou may rely on it
320883Can I still save my relationship with KfwMy sources say no
320882Did Ann Harris spiritual work on çhristopher FordBetter not tell you now
320881Will Christopher Ford come back to Ann Harris again soonWithout a doubt
320880Will Darren ever contact me again Most likely
320879Will Darren ever love me again Don't count on it
320878Will Darren ever love me again Reply hazy, try again
320877Will Darren ever love me again Better not tell you now
320876Will Christopher Ford come back to Ann Harris in NovemberUnlikely
320875Will I be able to transform into my fairy form once I fully believe in my magic just like the fairies in winx club?Don't bet on it
320874Do Christopher Ford want to come back to Ann HarrisProspect good
320873Do Christopher Ford want to come back to Ann Harris soonUnlikely
320872Is John corraspe fixing his internet Signs point to yes
320871Will Christopher Ford start calling Ann Harris again soonSigns point to yes
320870Yes or no dose ron kyle have beverly trusty phone number?As I see it, yes
320869Yes or no is ron kyle still angry with beverly trusty?Cannot predict now
320868Yes or no is ron kyle still angry with beverly trusty?Focus and ask again
320867Will I be able to transform into my fairy form once I fully believe in my magic just like the fairies in winx club?As I see it, yes
320866Yes or no dose ron kyle think about beverly trusty?Prospect good

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