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Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Number Question Answer
982123Will they stay together?Prospect good
982121Will Kammi tell me she wants to work out our marriage?As I see it, yes
982120Will Kammi tell me she wants to work out our marriage?Focus and ask again
982119Will Kammi tell me she wants to work out our marriage?Very doubtful
982118nicer?You may rely on it
982117Will Kammi tell me she wants to work out our marriage?Concentrate and ask again
982116nicer?Reply hazy, try again
982115will harriet text me tonightVery doubtful
982114nicer?Ask again later
982113Do I love him?Concentrate and ask again
982112Does he love me?Absolutely
982111Am I just conveniently easy?Cannot predict now
982110Is she not keen on sex?My reply is no
982109Would he rather fuck her?No Doubt about it
982108Will I get a crap shag off M this week?Absolutely
982107Will I get a right good fucking from M this week?Outlook not so good
982106Will my father- in- law get out of our way?Most likely
982105My husband loves me?Yes
982104Will my father-in-law stop disturbing?It is certain
982103Will John win the election?Better not tell you now
982102Will my father-in-law stop disturbing?Concentrate and ask again
982101am i gonna pass my 3rd year exams?Most likely
982100am i gonna pass my 3rd year exams?Outlook good
982099am i gonna pass my 3rd year exams?Cannot predict now
982098am i gonna pass my 3rd year exams?No Doubt about it
982097will i marry a rich girl?Ask again later
982096will i marry a rich girl?Yes - definitely
982095will i be rich in future?Reply hazy, try again
982094will i be rich in future?Better not tell you now
982093how are youMost likely
982092will i become a great doctor?It is decidedly so
982091will i become a great doctor?Very doubtful
982090what is my name?My reply is no
982089what is your name?Outlook good
982088i will marry As I see it, yes
982087s will marry meCannot predict now
982086s my soul mate long termMy reply is no
982085s plans with meIt is decidedly so
982084s calls and wants to see me todayAbsolutely
982083nicer?Ask again later
982082did I get alg2/trigYes - definitely
982081very nice?As I see it, yes
982080very nice?Focus and ask again
982079Will we be together as a couple?It is certain
982078Does K want to be with me?Yes - definitely
982077So am I going to pass?Absolutely
982076Is K happy with her?Yes
982075Sure?My sources say no
982074Am I going to pass this year?Don't bet on it

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