Ask the Magic 8 Ball any question you want. Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers !

Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Online Magic 8 Ball

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Number Question Answer
1167577Can I be a successful person Unlikely
1167576Will I survive thisYes
1167575Will I survive thisBetter not tell you now
1167574Am I going correctIt is decidedly so
1167573Will I be okBetter not tell you now
1167572Will I score well in 12thDon't bet on it
1167571What is the aim of my lifeReply hazy, try again
1167570is he up the coastYes
1167569How will be my result of class 12Reply hazy, try again
1167568will i see troy h this week ?Outlook not so good
1167567Will Helen bless meMy reply is no
1167566Is Ted with ac girl My sources say no
1167565Do I get a stable job?It is decidedly so
1167564Will I get equinox jobNo Doubt about it
1167563When do I get a stable job?Signs point to yes
1167562Will I get RI job?My reply is no
1167561Will Ted back to me?Outlook not so good
1167560Does Mark think about me?Ask again later
1167559Is my girlfriend my future wifeDon't bet on it
1167558Is flash going to text me No Doubt about it
1167557Bhaskar will shortlist for oncology r & dIt is decidedly so
1167556Bhaskar will shortlist for oncology r & dVery doubtful
1167555i love someone .will he be mine and love me?Signs point to yes
1167554can I expect a call from Aurobindo Hr on MondayYes - definitely
1167553i love someone will he be mine and love meSigns point to yes
1167552Will Dezlyn be my boyfriend Outlook good
1167551Will he ask me out soonAsk again later
1167550Have I spoke to him online before ?Cannot predict now
1167549Is he from leedsYes - definitely
1167548Does he go to the same universityUnlikely
1167547Is he my type?Positively
1167546have I walked past my future guy Yes
1167545Will I find love before my 21st birthdayUnlikely
1167544Think again will iMost likely
1167543does jack mcleod morris fancy meDon't bet on it
1167542does jack mcleod morris fancy meUnlikely
1167541Think again will iIt is certain
1167540Will I find love before my 21st birthdayMy sources say no
1167539Has my crush saved my numberNo Doubt about it
1167538Has my crush saved my number or was he telling truth that he hasnf Unlikely
1167537Will I find love this yearOutlook good
1167536When will I find loveVery doubtful
1167535Will he be jamaican mixedraceOutlook good
1167534should I have sex with Chyna?Without a doubt
1167533Will he be a black mixedraceDon't bet on it
1167532would I be wrong if I had sex with Chyna?It is decidedly so
1167531Will I get a guy who\'s name begins with cYes
1167530would I be wrong if I had sex with Chyna?It is decidedly so
1167529should I take my Alcatel with me?Outlook not so good
1167528Will uaine loves me and be faithful foreverPositively

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