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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
461995Isn't it true that Kfw is going to apologize to me and wants me to come back together with herIt is certain
461994Isn't it true that Kfw has no further interest in me and she doesn't want to be with me My sources say no
461993Does Kfw think that she has done a lot to me and I will not be able to make up with herOutlook good
461992Does Kfw think that she has done a lot to me and I will not be able to make up with herReply hazy, try again
461991Does Kfw think that I am so desperate to be with her againMy reply is no
461989Is it all over Unlikely
461988Will He change his mind My reply is no
461987Will he want me back My sources say no
461986Will he try to win me back My reply is no
461985Is ryan and me still in a relationship It is certain
461984Will he try to make up for it Focus and ask again
461983Is ryan and me still in a relationship Ask again later
461982Will he try to make up for it Cannot predict now
461981Will he try to make up for it Reply hazy, try again
461980Is ryan going to talk to me tonightNo Doubt about it
461979Is ryan going to talk to me tonightReply hazy, try again
461978Will he realise what a shit he has been to me Yes
461977Will he be in contactSigns point to yes
461976Will he be in contactBetter not tell you now
461975I'm I going to end up with coryAbsolutely
461974Does Cory miss meSigns point to yes
461973Does Cory miss meFocus and ask again
461972Does Cory love meIt is decidedly so
461971Does Cory love meReply hazy, try again
461970Does Cory want meIt is decidedly so
461969Does Ryan love meOutlook good
461968Does Ryan love meYou may rely on it
461967Does Ryan want meProspect good
461966Does Ryan want meBetter not tell you now
461965Will I get a reply from him?As I see it, yes
461964Is Danielle going to come back to me soon?My reply is no
461963Is there a man harassing my momCannot predict now
461962Is that guy who is harassing her going to kill herConcentrate and ask again
461961Are we getting the house after my mom dieaMost likely
461960Are we getting the houseVery doubtful
461959Is my mom going to die soonYes
461958Is tim going to stay in prison for a long timeYes
461957Will Athiya be successful Signs point to yes
461956Will I be successful without a degreeOutlook not so good
461955Is tim going to stay in prison for lifeReply hazy, try again
461954Is my aunt rosie doing okUnlikely
461953Is Kfw going to pretend that she wants to make up with meAs I see it, yes
461952Is someone close to us going to die soonMy reply is no
461951Am i going to get another $5000Better not tell you now
461950Am I going to be able to make up with kfwOutlook not so good
461949Is gloria going to get that guy to marry me Concentrate and ask again
461948Will I let Kfw use me as her friendFocus and ask again
461947Did that black guy kill jimmySigns point to yes
461946Is kim going to marry devinAs I see it, yes
461945Does Kfw want me to be with me and wants to use me as her friendYes - definitely

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