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Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Number Question Answer
1246676did i win the lotteryPositively
1246675All David Jones hold Margaret Grubbs hand this week?Focus and ask again
1246674do I need to be more fearless?Outlook good
1246673David Jones like Margaret Grubbs more now that she\'s opened up to him about her relationship?No Doubt about it
1246672Will I be talking to David Jones Monday night?Prospect good
1246671Is the reason why David Jones won\'t talk to me is because he\'ll be far too busy?Very doubtful
1246670Will David be too busy to talk to me Monday night?Cannot predict now
1246669Will David Jones talk to me Monday night?Unlikely
1246668Is David Jones going to talk to me Monday night ?Reply hazy, try again
1246667Will David leave camille for Erin ?No Doubt about it
1246666Does David Jones dream of me?Signs point to yes
1246665does sunny going to get her income tax on mondayUnlikely
1246664Did David Jones think of me Tonight?Yes
1246663do sunny going to get her income tax on feb 15Outlook good
1246662 Has David Jones thought of me tonight?Concentrate and ask again
1246661Am I going to pass my regents exam I took As I see it, yes
1246660Am I going to pass the global regents exam I took Focus and ask again
1246659Am I going to pass me testIt is certain
1246658Am I going to pass my global regents examOutlook not so good
1246657Will rich want a relationshipAs I see it, yes
1246656Mom to beOutlook good
1246655Will rich want to dateMy sources say no
1246654HiOutlook good
1246653Will Austin and I party tonight Ask again later
1246652is rich upset I don\'t emailMost likely
1246651Mom to beMy reply is no
1246650Will rich email to say hiYes
1246649Will I go to a party tonight Yes - definitely
1246648Will Austin and I find a party tonight My reply is no
1246647Am I havering a baby Unlikely
1246646Will rich and I talk againMy reply is no
1246645Am I havering a badyYes
1246644Will I go out tonight Don't bet on it
1246643Will rich email to see if I\'m okUnlikely
1246642Am I prentPositively
1246641HiCannot predict now
1246640is salman khan my future husband?Unlikely
1246639Does Sejla have a crush on me?Don't count on it
1246638Will I find love?Reply hazy, try again
1246637Will I find love?Prospect good
1246636Will Sejla kiss me?It is certain
1246635Will I find love?Ask again later
1246634Will Sejla kiss me tomorrow?Unlikely
1246633Will I get married?My reply is no
1246632Am I going to get a green card?Prospect good
1246631Am I going to stay in the US?No Doubt about it
1246630Will I remain married and happy?Absolutely
1246629is tye planning on reuniting?You may rely on it
1246628Will Sejla become my girlfriend?Prospect good
1246627Is Mike planning on staying in this relationship?Yes

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