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Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Number Question Answer
1281777john emerson is waisting his time on marovich m.dReply hazy, try again
1281776Will I be promoted in the next three months?Signs point to yes
1281775Will I be promoted in the next three months?Ask again later
1281774Will I be promoted in the next three months?Focus and ask again
1281773Does he have feelings for me?Absolutely
1281772will I get my old job back this week?Concentrate and ask again
1281771Does he want me?Yes
1281770When will i get pregnantAsk again later
1281769How many kids will i have in the futureProspect good
1281768Will I grandute college My reply is no
1281767is he pushing me away because he loves me?Absolutely
1281766Will I score 80/80 in my history and civics board examination?Yes
1281765Will I score 80/80 in my history board examination?Very doubtful
1281764Will the chapter First World War come in today\'s exam?Concentrate and ask again
1281763Will my daughters history exam be easy?Prospect good
1281762will there be school tommorowConcentrate and ask again
1281761Will it work out soonYes
1281760Will he get a divorceVery doubtful
1281759Will he start treating me betterMost likely
1281758will i have more than one job interview next weekAs I see it, yes
1281757will someone be moving into my house in early aprilYes
1281756will i receive an rental application on the houseMy sources say no
1281755Is he going to get together with Melis?Cannot predict now
1281754Is he seeing another woman?My reply is no
1281753Is he seeing another woman?It is decidedly so
1281752is nickie ketron in love with meAsk again later
1281751Can Miguel play saxophone?Outlook not so good
1281750Is Miguel a musicianOutlook good
1281749Will Mike J from my work and I have a place together soon Prospect good
1281748does nickie ketron love meVery doubtful
1281747Is Jana Debusk a musicianAs I see it, yes
1281746Is Jana Debusk a writer?Don't count on it
1281745bull honkyConcentrate and ask again
1281744will my dog be ok while I\'m goneAbsolutely
1281743does the magic ball actually know anythingYou may rely on it
1281742Will he ever contact me again?You may rely on it
1281741do they love each otherDon't count on it
1281740Does jana love miguelVery doubtful
1281739Is it over between us?It is decidedly so
1281738Does miguel love me?My reply is no
1281737Is romeo santos gay?You may rely on it
1281736will I become a nurseYou may rely on it
1281735will i retire in january 2016Very doubtful
1281734will I move back to TennesseeBetter not tell you now
1281733will I start dating nickie ketronWithout a doubt
1281732will they get together again?Signs point to yes
1281731should I move to texasIt is decidedly so
1281730is he angry at me?Yes - definitely
1281729will i get married?Cannot predict now
1281728will they get married in april?Outlook not so good

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