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Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Online Magic 8 Ball

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Number Question Answer
1618957Will James come this weekend?You may rely on it
1618956Will James come this weekend?Absolutely
1618955Will James come this weekend?Very doubtful
1618954Will I meet James?Most likely
1618953Will James come this weekend?No Doubt about it
1618952Will James come this weekend?My reply is no
1618951Is his career ruined by the blonde woman ?Ask again later
1618950I honestly truely love Michael 2nd name you and only you !Signs point to yes
1618949I Truely Love you and only you.My reply is no
1618948I truely Love you and only youConcentrate and ask again
1618947I love you and only you.Very doubtful
1618946Is hb in love with me now ? Better not tell you now
1618945my career It is decidedly so
16189443rd parties back off forever !!Yes - definitely
1618943Does he love me back ?Focus and ask again
1618942will my mom dieOutlook not so good
1618941will my mom dieSigns point to yes
1618940will yp win?Don't count on it
1618939will yp win?Reply hazy, try again
1618938Will I end up with Rhiannon B Without a doubt
1618937Will I get a first in university and get a good job after?Absolutely
16189363rd parties back off forever !!Most likely
1618935does rusdi kirana really love meMost likely
1618934does rusdi kirana really love meConcentrate and ask again
1618933I \'am the only one who really loves him .You may rely on it
1618932am i going to be happy if i marry rusdi kiranaMost likely
1618931I love you ! Eternal !Very doubtful
1618930am i going to be happy if i marry michaelCannot predict now
1618929Please read it !!Without a doubt
1618928does rusdi kirana love me more than michaelAsk again later
1618927Darling READ IT !!Reply hazy, try again
1618926Does the blond woman hurt him ?It is decidedly so
1618925should i leave michaelIt is decidedly so
1618924Is he quick hurt mental ?Positively
1618923does michael still cheat on meUnlikely
1618922can i trust ika christina as a friendAs I see it, yes
1618921Is he quick hurt ?Very doubtful
1618920does ika christina envy meFocus and ask again
1618919does ika christina a good friend for meFocus and ask again
1618918Does he still want to protect me ?It is decidedly so
1618917does erwin aksa care about me and think of me as his sisterSigns point to yes
1618916Does he still want to protect me ?Concentrate and ask again
1618915Is he still jealous ?It is decidedly so
1618914does ika christina love erwin aksaIt is decidedly so
1618913does erwin aksa love ika christinaAbsolutely
1618912does erwin aksa care about me as a sisterConcentrate and ask again
1618911He does like red wine but prefers beerCannot predict now
1618910can I still close to erwin aksaPositively
1618909Does he like red wine ?Don't bet on it
1618908does erwin aksa will hate ika christinaCannot predict now

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