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Number Question Answer
77794Should I be ready? Absolutely
77793Is Kiran coming for us open? No Doubt about it
77792Will my boyfriend love me forever As I see it, yes
77791Will my boyfriend love me forever Unlikely
77790Will I be pregnant In a year Prospect good
77789Is my boyfriend gonna dump meVery doubtful
77788Will my boyfriend cheat /leave meWithout a doubt
77787Is my boyfriend cheating on me Don't bet on it
77786Does my boyfriend cheat on me Concentrate and ask again
77785Is my boyfriend cheating on me Unlikely
77784do i live in santa mariaMy reply is no
77783am i a girlMy sources say no
77782do i live in santa mariaYou may rely on it
77781Should Sivana text the Hoe aka Tristan lyrics from I am Everything by Shane Dawson?Outlook not so good
77780Should Sivana text the Hoe aka Tristan lyrics from I am Everything by Shane Dawson?Concentrate and ask again
77779Will I marry a man from WallStreet?No Doubt about it
77778Should Sivana text the Hoe aka Tristan lyrics from I am Everything by Shane Dawson?You may rely on it
77777Will Quan call me You may rely on it
77776Will he make the first step?Most likely
77775did Lydia break up with carlosYes - definitely
77774did Lydia break up with carlosAsk again later
77773did Lydia break up with carlosFocus and ask again
77772Will I be in California before the end of September Most likely
77771Am I finally free of Janet Yes
77770Am I a man?Without a doubt
77769Am I a woman?Outlook good
77768Am I pregnant?Very doubtful
77767Will I marry Eric?You may rely on it
77766Will I marry Eric?Reply hazy, try again
77765Will Eric propose to me?Positively
77764Will Z ever forgive me?It is certain
77763Will Eric ever forgive me?Unlikely
77762Will I ever forgive Eric?Without a doubt
77761Will I have my baby?My reply is no
77760Am I pregnant?Outlook not so good
77759will i live to be oldMost likely
77758.....does men in felicity think iam pretty........................Cannot predict now
77757does harold think iam prettyBetter not tell you now
77756has axle rose been readuing my comments on the computerMy reply is no
77755is axle rose4 on my computer Reply hazy, try again
77754Will I pass my drug test?Outlook good
77753does harold think iam prettyFocus and ask again
77752will chloe have a boyfriend soonDon't bet on it
77751does gaz loe charlotte Outlook not so good harold trying to break me abnd kevin up..........................Outlook good
77749will chloe find love in 2 weeks Cannot predict now
77748is harold trying to use me for sexOutlook not so good
77747does courtney love gazOutlook not so good
77746does chloe love gazYes - definitely
77745is harold trying to use meReply hazy, try again

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