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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
337747m b d b m?Concentrate and ask again
337746d b m?Cannot predict now
337745b t m a m?You may rely on it
337744b a o m?Positively
337743m b s m?Don't count on it
337742Will Michael be accepted at HarvardPositively
337741Will my hair grow longerAbsolutely
337740Will my hair grow longerCannot predict now
337739Will my hair grow longerReply hazy, try again
337738Will my hair grow longerCannot predict now
337737Will my hair grow longerWithout a doubt
337736Is my sickness caused from my nerves system issues Unlikely
337735Do people think my son look just like meAs I see it, yes
337734Do people think my son look just like meAsk again later
337733Will my hair grow longerUnlikely
337732Does Kfw hate me because she wants to be with meAbsolutely
337731Does Kfw regret trying to make up with meWithout a doubt
337730Does Kfw hate meAs I see it, yes
337729Does Kfw dislike meReply hazy, try again
337728Is Kfw jealous of meVery doubtful
337727Am I wasting my time with KfwUnlikely
337726Does Kfw really want to be with meUnlikely
337725Have I seen my best days with KfwFocus and ask again
337724Will Kfw actually fall in love with meDon't bet on it
337723Has Kfw lost interest in me and will try one more time before she tries to get rid of meYes
337722Has Kfw said something about me behind my back and I am going to hear about itMy reply is no
337721Has Kfw gotten over her feelings for mePositively
337720Is Kfw telling others she is using mePositively
337719Does Kfw tell others that she is using meOutlook not so good
337718Does Kfw think that she is making a fool out of meOutlook good
337717Is Kfw pretending to be my friendAsk again later
337716Is Kfw pretending to be my friend and wants to use meIt is decidedly so
337715Does Kfw want to be helpful to meWithout a doubt
337714Does Kfw want to be helpful to meUnlikely
337713Does Kfw want to keep me in her lifePositively
337712Does Kfw just want to keep me in her life right nowFocus and ask again
337711Does Kfw want to be able to talk to meAsk again later
337710Does Kfw think that she loves meProspect good
337709Am I on John corraspe mind right now in trinidad Outlook not so good
337708Is John corraspe thinking of me right now in trinidad No Doubt about it
337707Is John corraspe still making love at the moment Without a doubt
337706Is John corraspe still making love at the moment Concentrate and ask again
337705Do I want to replace KfwYes
337704Does Kfw want to replace meYes
337703Is Kfw using me until she gets someone elseIt is certain
337702Is Kfw using me until she gets someone elseNo Doubt about it
337701Does Kfw think that I am tired and grumpyFocus and ask again
337700Does Kfw know that she is tired and grumpyBetter not tell you now
337699Does Kfw know that I should not trust herConcentrate and ask again
337698As John corraspe got his penis inside this woman he's making love to right now in trinidad No Doubt about it

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