Ask the Magic 8 Ball any question you want. Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers !

Please phrase your question so that it can be answered by a simple Yes or No.

Magic eight ball can't be bothered with essay questions, contemplation about the meaning of life, or any question containing the words "Why," "What," or "How."

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Type your question and click the "ASK" button, patiently wait a minute for divining, the answer will be displayed.

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Number Question Answer
1138212will i pass my fa3 maths exam with good marksDon't count on it
1138211am i truly pregnantYou may rely on it
1138210is it over between kelsey and tomer ????Positively
1138209is it over between tomer and kelsey? Better not tell you now
1138208is tomer attracted to kelsey? Very doubtful
1138207has tomer seen my facebook page recently? My sources say no
1138206Will Tom finally make a date to see each otherAs I see it, yes
1138205will i get the job this yearIt is decidedly so
1138204will i get 10 cgpa in class 10?Don't count on it
1138203Will she find itCannot predict now
1138202will i get a job this yearConcentrate and ask again
1138201will i get a job No Doubt about it
1138200will i get a jobCannot predict now
1138199Can we use it tomorrow nightPositively
1138198will i see troy h this week ?Yes - definitely
1138197will i see troy h this week ?It is decidedly so
1138196Will i ever be rich?Don't count on it
1138195Would it be better not telling him?Without a doubt
1138194will i be sad todayConcentrate and ask again
1138193Would it be better not to tell him?Focus and ask again
1138192will i be happy todayDon't count on it
1138191Does K love me?Very doubtful
1138190will i go to a party todayFocus and ask again
1138189Do I love K?No Doubt about it
1138188Do I love K?Reply hazy, try again
1138187will i go out todayOutlook good
1138186Will I get a job offer soonVery doubtful
1138185kfjtåvvhmtskis?Very doubtful
1138184Will I get a job offer soonProspect good
1138183Will I get a job offer soonDon't bet on it
1138182will i pass my exams this yearProspect good
1138181am I pregnant?You may rely on it
1138180will i pass my exams this yearProspect good
1138179Will I get the job in JD?You may rely on it
1138178Will I get the job in JD?Concentrate and ask again
1138177okk so pritam finally leave me,and he hate me so much?Unlikely
1138176okk so pritam finally leave me,and he hate me so much?Unlikely
1138175okk so pritam finally leave me,and he hate me so much?Prospect good
1138174okk so pritam finally leave me,and he hate me so much?Most likely
1138173okk so pritam finally leave me,and he hate me so much?No Doubt about it
1138172how will i dieAbsolutely
1138171LoveConcentrate and ask again
1138170LoveBetter not tell you now
1138169LuckAs I see it, yes
1138168LoveBetter not tell you now
1138167LoveFocus and ask again
1138166Will we get 500 flora linda?It is decidedly so
1138165Will we get 500 flora linda?My reply is no
1138164Will we get 500 flora linda?Better not tell you now
1138163Will we get 500 flora linda?Yes

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