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The Latest 50 Fortune Telling

Number Question Answer
302390Is Quan in jailAs I see it, yes
302389Does Kfw love me more than I love herYou may rely on it
302388Does Kfw care more about me than I do for herMy reply is no
302387will my hair grow longerMy reply is no
302386Does kfw care if she runs me awayNo Doubt about it
302385Does Kfw care about meNo Doubt about it
302384Will my hair grow longerMost likely
302383Will Quan call meUnlikely
302382Will Quan call meWithout a doubt
302381Will Knesek communicate support for NavioSigns point to yes
302380Did Mary say Navio is only option right now?Concentrate and ask again
302379Did Knesek speak to Mary today?It is certain
302378Will St Mary's purchase Navio this month?Concentrate and ask again
302377Will I close st Mary's this month?Don't count on it
302376Will jamie get a job offer tomorrow?Yes
302375Will i be famous?Cannot predict now
302374Does someone like me?Yes - definitely
302373Does someone like me?My sources say no
302372Will my hair grow longerUnlikely
302371Is people Jealous of meMy reply is no
302370is women jealous of meVery doubtful
302369Is women Jealous of meYou may rely on it
302368Will my hair grow Unlikely
302367Will I get married one dayBetter not tell you now
302366Will my hair grow longerYes
302365will Dana and i get merried somedayIt is certain
302364will Dana May ever develop feelings for meYes - definitely
302363i know in my heart that Dana May can develop those feelingsMy sources say no
302362can my ex Dana May develop feelings for meUnlikely
302361Will I get married one dayIt is certain
302360Will I get married one dayAs I see it, yes
302359Will I get married one daySigns point to yes
302358Will my hair grow longerMy reply is no
302357Will Quan call meAs I see it, yes
302356Will Quan call meNo Doubt about it
302355Will Quan call meMost likely
302354Will Quan call meYou may rely on it
302353Will Jay come back to me?Outlook good
302352Will jay come back?Outlook not so good
302351Will I start my own businessSigns point to yes
302350Will a manager call me for a job interviewMy sources say no
302349Will I get married one dayOutlook good
302348Will I make the lacrosse team It is decidedly so
302347Is women Jealous of meOutlook not so good
302346Is my son father Jealous of meIt is decidedly so
302345Will my hair grow Don't bet on it
302344Will my hair grow Concentrate and ask again
302343Will my hair grow longerDon't count on it
302342Will I get married one dayUnlikely
302341will I win money tonightIt is decidedly so

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